Thursday, June 27, 2013


(4)送出你的宝贝之前,别忘了拍张照上载到Bff zakka store fb秀给我们看哦~~
*所有参家邮乐园的朋友,鸟朋友杂货将送出一张discount voucher。。

... 至于幸福惊喜:
(B) 你可以选好礼包内容,我们来帮你包装。

(1) leave your mailing address with us.
(2) randomly select 1 to 5 addresses, and send out the exclusive surprise package(s) you prepare for them.
(3) recipients upon receiving your exclusive package(s) have to send back the ones they prepare to the other party.
(4) before sending your package out, don't forget to snap a picture of the package and post it in our bffzakka FB to show to us ~~

* BFF will be giving away a discount voucher for all participants~
for the surprise package:
(A) you can use your own imagination & creativity to design your own package.
 (B) you can select your own gift and we can pack for you.

Bff will start the ball rolling by mailing out three surprises packages, early birds will have high chances of being picked by us!!

* should you need us to mail out your package, bird friends will have to pay for the postage fees ~

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